My partner bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

L'Essentiel/ December 29, 2020/ L'Essentiel at home

My partner bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

No, he’s not an ass.  

I live in an old farmhouse in the countryside.

We need to sweep the ground floor every day, also vacuum regularly and mop it all. Then there’s the first floor too ;

I don’t like cleaning but I’m usually the one who does the floors. It always feels like a waste of time and the frustration of seeing the clean get replaced by dirt an hour later bugs me.

If I work out the time this all takes we average 3h a week without being obsessive about it. 3h a week is 156h a year. And that is 6.5 days a year.

So I basically lose a week of my life just cleaning the floors ! Don’t we have anything better to do that that ?!

So how do we change this ?

Option 1:

Hire help. We did for a long while but at 9€/h via “titres-services”, cleaning the floor of the new house is costing us 156hx …. Nope, I don’t want to calculate this. Needless to say it’s way too much.

Option 2:

Technology. After having researched, compared, read and watched reviews, defined the important criteria for us my partner found a robot that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and that fulfils all our requests. Well close enough. This was his Christmas gift to me: giving me back one week of my life every year to do things that matter more and are more interesting. And the bonus is the thing is fascinating to watch, both on the app and watching it move about the house.

I’ll write a review and post that separately.

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