“The Idiot” day 6.

My partner bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

The vacuum cleaner under the Christmas Tree or how to regain freedom.

I’m really pleased!

I’ve gotten rid of a task that feels like it sucks the life out of me. I’ve saved time that allows me to do other things, like write this.

We are both more motivated to clean the rest of the house because this giant task isn’t really a part of it anymore so it feels a lot lighter.

We’ve all gained a little peace and quiet because I’m not longer irritated by the trails of crumbs the kids leave behind, I’m no longer responsible for making sure that gets cleaned (usually by me)

The programming got tweaked just a little bit to suit us better and f we want it to do something extra it takes 30 seconds in the app.

Sometimes The Idiot still deserves its name like last night when it got stuck on the foot of the ventilator and needed a human to free it, it’s amusing more than it is irritating.