Answer the following with one of these options: Never – Rarely – Sometimes – Often – Always

  • When thinking about work (or the thing causing you stress), do you feel tired?
  • Do you work (or do things) more and more whilst being less and less productive?
  • Have people been disappointing you? (to the point of not recognising them or if they have lost value to you)
  • Do you feel desperate?
  • Do you feel under pressure?
  • Do you feel irritable?
  • Do you feel anxious?
  • Do you feel physically weak or ill?
  • Do you feel like a failure or without value?
  • Do you feel left aside?
  • Do you feel depressed?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping? (several times a week)
  • Can you say “stop” “that’s enough”?

If you have responded with often and always for a lot of the questions please consider taking action soon.

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