Are you considering bariatric surgery?
It’s an important decision that requires a lot of thought, lots of information, weighing the pros and cons to be able to make a choice. This choice isn’t always obvious especially when we are healthy.

To help you we can work together on the following :

  • Making a decision: I don’t influence you, I ask a lot of questions designed to allow you to get to your own answer.
  • Managing fears: of the gastroscopy, complications, the psychologist appointments, how others view you, etc.
  • Self-esteem
  • Beliefs that stop you moving forward: “it’s the easy way out”, “it’s for people who don’t have enough willpower”, “I won’t be myself anymore after the operation”
  • Communication with your loved ones: sharing your decision, to apprehend questions and comments.
  • Conflict management
  • Apprehend big changes
  • Letting go

the coaching I am offering is not coaching for weight control or eating behaviors. This doesn’t fit into my qualifications. I will not be able to accept coaching someone who wants me to help them diet or modify eating habits.
This coaching doesn’t, in any way, replace seeing a psychologist whose support is indispensable.

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Investment (Rates)

Base rate for all my services : € 65 per hour
All prices include all taxes and are aimed at individuals

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