A 360° approach

I offer a unique combination of services that constitutes my all-round approach to coaching.

I am also the only person un Wallonia to be certified in Intuitive Nutrition by dieticians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

My 360° approach to well-being is centred around self-esteem. It allows us to tackle your situation on several fronts at once or independently of each other.

The diagrams below show the links between the various services but perhaps words are more appropriate for you than images so I’ve added a short description too.

Improving self-esteem is central to burnout work, Intuitive Eating and Non-Violent Communication. So is the ability to notice, understand and respond to subtle signals perceived in the body before they become emergencies.

Your body tells you what it needs in terms of food, rest, care, movement, etc. Each emotion is also attached to a physical sensation that gives you information before your thoughts intervene to influence your behaviour. Recognising these sensations and making a conscious choice of how to respond is fundamental to move away from burnout but also to be able to eat in a serene and respectful way.

The eating behaviour that I propose allows you to recharge your body but also to be peaceful emotionally, to stop feeling guilty and to favour the behaviours that actually do you good.

Well-being is helped by non-violent communication and what it contributes to showing yourself and others the respect they deserve. It improves your family or social relationships, allows you to stop taking responsibility for what does not belong to you, to free yourself from the constraints that undermine you. 

Finally, moving away from burnout involves time management, which is linked to home organising. Feeling good at home, making your cocoon a source of well-being, allows you to take the time to live your life and to meet your needs on all levels.

L’Essentiel offers a variety of tools that can be combined freely to provide a tailor-made solution to help you relieve your daily life and regain serenity.

Negative cycle

Positive cycle:

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