Essentials for you

I offer a unique and innovative approach based on a variety of tools that can be freely combined in order to provide a tailor-made solution to relieve your daily life and allow you to find serenity.

Isabel Leeson

Life coaching
Intuitive Eating
Time Management
• Organisation of home or work place
Mental Load
Non-violent communication (NVC)
Conflict management
Decision making
Communication (NVC) and customer services for small businesses.

The essential



Coaching PNL

NLP coaching allows for a flexible and brief method of coaching during which I help you find bespoke and concrete solutions to a difficulty you might be facing, to modify a behaviour that no longer suits you, to manage your time better, to grieve, to diminish fears that block you, to learn to say no whilst feeling ok about it, to avoid or heal from a burnout


Home & Office organising

The office needs to be efficient et pleasant.
The home should be a place that allows you to recharge your batteries. Decluttering and organising them are a real approach to personal development. This hands on methodology transforms your environment into a cocoon of wellbeing via analysing the cause of the issues and finding solutions that simplify its everyday management to it’s simplest form



Alimentation Intuitive

Intuitive Eating, as developed by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, has been the subject of more than
125 studies demonstrating positive results on both psychological and physical health.
This approach to eating follows 10 principles that allow us to rediscover a trusting and serene relationship with food.
Intuitive Eating fights against the dieting culture and the negative spiral of weight loss and weight gain that it causes. You know this phenomenon as yoyo dieting.

“Change isn’t becoming someone else, it’s becoming who you are and accepting it”.

Jacques Salomé