Do you want an easier life?

Does your to-do list seem endless?
Is everything a rush?
Do you scream at your children all day long?
Do you have to think of everything for everyone all the time?
Do you feel that what you do is never good enough?
Don’t have enough storage space?
Do you feel you have to follow a million different rules to be a good human being, a perfect mother, an impeccable wife, a model employee and….
…. your mental load is wearing you down

Would you like to know how…
… to feel good in your mind, in your body and in your environment?


• Burnout
• Positive Parenting
• Time Management
• Organisation of living or workspace
• Mental Load
• Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
• Conflict Management

• Communication (NVC) and customer service for the self-employed

“Change isn’t becoming someone else, it’s becoming who you are and accepting it”.

Jacques Salomé