Your home is at the base of your well-being.

Decluttering it allows it to regains it’s main function: to protect you, to allow you to replenish your resources, to bring you back to what really matters to you.
Home Organising isn’t just tidying up….

It’s a process that:

  • Simplifies your life
  • Allows for other people sharing your home to participate actively.
  • Saves time
  • Allows you to be less tired
  • Makes maintaining your home easier
  • Helps save money
  • Improves your ecological footprint
  • Prioritizes quality and necessity and allow you to change how you behave as a consumer
  • Frees you of societal beliefs.
  • Removes the repetition that can be so wearing (why doesn’t your child ever put their shoes away, why does mess return like this)

Through a brief, flexible and bespoke coaching you can find serenity again.

A combination of NLP and Home Organising tools will help you manage your time better by establishing which priorities are right for you.

We will work together on applying various tools that will allow you to refuse engagements without guilt by working on your belief system and communication skills. We’ll enable you to be able to make the right choices so that you can do what you need to do and still have time to recharge your batteries.

You’ll soon notice that you will be more efficient while having to use less energy.

Decluttering leads to well-being by:

  • Understanding your real needs better;
  • Keep only what you love and use. This increases well-being.
  • increase your cashflow.
  • Help people in need,
  • Save space : this also saves money as to store lots of objects you need furniture, and you need m² to store the furniture. Both of those are expensive for stuff you don’t need.
  • Never have to open a cupboard that is full and badly organised so stuff falls out onto you.
  • Never lose an item of clothing in the back of your wardrobe. That ensures the clothes that are in that wardrobe are those you feel best in.
  • Limit visual noise that stimulates your brain too much leading to fatigue.

After sorting we tidy.

  • So that your day- to- day life is easier, following a logic that is more good sense than rules. 
  • So that the other people you live with can also keep it up.
  • So you save time
  • So you need to make less effort.
  • So you no longer lose things
  • So you’re less irritated by recurring mess.

The program also covers Home Management and Office Management meaning your schedule, family organisation, and everything concerning paperwork

You’d like to do this but you’re too embarrassed or even ashamed to show me your home?

Please understand that I do not judge you for it. We all have a history with all it’s complications. I am not perfect either.

Decluttering, sorting, tidying are not innate to most people. It’s something you learn, like everything else.

The way we consume has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades but the way we live has evolved more slowly creating an imbalance. We also live with beliefs and social conventions that used to make sens but no longer fit our way of living.

The production of our “stuff” is such that it is no longer necessary to save and collect “just in case, in some distant future… ».

Society pushes excessive buying and people don’t know how to solve the problems this provokes.

We can learn to participate in our economy differently. More economically, ecologically, to look for quality over quantity. We can lend, borrow, rent what we need occasionally but don’t own.

Your mess isn’t your fault , it’s the result of how we all live today.

If you’d like help to do it on your own: Mess Anonymous is a solution.

An option to get help but keep your privacy intact: Mess Anonymous.

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