L’Essentiel offers a unique and innovative variety of tools that can be combined freely to provide a tailor-made solution to help you relieve your daily life and regain serenity.

Neurolinguistic Programming Coaching (NLP)

NLP coaching allows for a flexible and brief method of coaching during which I help you find bespoke and concrete solutions to a difficulty you might be facing, to modify a behaviour that no longer suits you, to manage your time better, to grieve, to diminish fears that block you, to learn to say no whilst feeling ok about it, to avoid or heal from a burn-out.


Coaching allows you to modify certain behaviours so as help you more forward faster and better.
Together, we can work on different aspects of your daily life to avoid burn-out, heal from one and avoid falling back into another one later on.  

Non-violent communication

You can learn the tools for positive and constructive communication, with yourself, your loved ones and your colleagues. Non-violent communication helps bring serenity to your relationships both in your private life and in your professional life.

Intuitive Eating

This approach to eating follows 10 principles that allow us to rediscover a trusting and serene relationship with food.

The approach fights against the dieting culture and the negative spiral of weight loss and weight gain that it causes. You know it as yoyo dieting. You put on the weight you lost and more back on, you spend your time fighting against your body, blaming yourself for having “failed”, for lacking willpower, then you start a diet again, one day you end up falling off that wagon,
you blame yourself and feel bad and you start all over again….. It is not, in fact, a character
flaw and you can get out of it.

Chirurgie Bariatrique

Are you considering bariatric surgery?
It’s an important decision that requires a lot of thought, lots of information, weighing the pros and cons to be able to make a choice. This choice isn’t always obvious especially when we are healthy.

Home Organising

The home should be a place that allows you to recharge your batteries. Decluttering and organising it are a real approach to personal development. A hands on methodology transforms your home into a cocoon of wellbeing through analysis of the issues and finding solutions that simplify and limit the effort you need to give it everyday to it’s simplest form.

Mess Anonymous :

A set of 5 themed group workshops designed so you can learn an complete method of home organising. You will be walked though it step by step to find solutions to your specific problem areas whilst maintain your privacy and freedom to make the changes at your own rhythm.  

Small and very small businesses

The pressure felt by small businesses is enormous. Coaching will help you devote your time and effort to the right priorities, avoid burn-out, motivate your team and improve communication amongst colleagues.

I also offer coaching to improve customer service so that both the needs of your customers you’re your own are met.

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