Intuitive Eating, as developed by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, has been the subject of more than
125 studies demonstrating positive results on both psychological and physical health.

This approach to eating follows 10 principles that allow us to rediscover a trusting and serene relationship with food.

The approach fights against the dieting culture and the negative spiral of weight loss and weight gain that it causes. You know it as yoyo dieting. You put on the weight you lost and more back on, you spend your time fighting against your body, blaming yourself for having “failed”, for lacking willpower, then you start a diet again, one day you end up falling off that wagon, you blame yourself and feel bad and you start all over again….. It is not, in fact, a character flaw and you can get out of it.

We will work on things like:

  • Rejecting the diet mentality
  • Interoceptive awareness, i.e. feeling, recognising and responding to the body’s signals, its inner wisdom.
  • Recovering and recognising the true sensations of hunger and satiety that have been altered over time, sometimes to the point where they are only felt in the extremes.
  • Rediscovering trust in your body, no longer responding to random external rules but to your real needs.
  • Make peace with your body, stop fighting against it, find your qualities and leave aside what you think are your faults.
  • Rediscovering the full satisfaction of eating, the pleasure.
  • No longer having cravings and impulses that are difficult to control.
  • Managing your emotions other than by eating.
  • Exercise for the pleasure of moving, not out of obligation or to lose weight.

This is not a weight management program or an eating program.
The methodology could have an effect on your weight following changes in your behaviour but weight management isn’t the goal. The goal is finding serenity with food and in your body.

The 10 Principles

1) Reject the diet mentality
2) Honour your hunger
3) Make peace with food
4) Challenge the Food Police
5) Discover the Satisfaction Factor
6) Feel your fullness
7) Manage your emotions with kindness
8) Respect your body
9) Movement – Feel the difference
10) Honour your health with gentle nutrition

I chose to train in Intuitive Eating because my burnout clients almost always talk to me about eating behaviours. I have suffered from an eating disorder and I know how bad it can get to be misguided so it was a subject I avoided.

The counselling I received changed my life, it led me to have a healthy relationship with food, not to fight my body anymore, not to be in deprivation or in excess. I wanted to share what I have learned so I signed-up to this course to be able to do so safely.

In practice:

Appointements are scheduled +- 1 week apart at first. Once the framework is set appointements can be scheduled according to your needs.

Click on this sentence if you are considering bariatric surgery.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this first I strongly recommend this podcast:
Ten Percent Happier Podcast with Dan Harris, his guest is Evelyn Tribole.

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