To succeed, a business needs effective and humane management, enthusiastic and qualified employees that know they are value. It also needs customers that not just come once but come back over and over again.

L’Essentiel aims its business service at two different elements : well-being at work and customer service.

Customer service becomes primordial especially when access to the internet is so easy. Social networks and sites allow people to express their opinion on what you do, on your products becomes commonplace. These opinions count, the public reads them and makes choices based on them.

A bad reputation can be very expensive.

For customers to remain faithful to your brand, or even to become a fan of your business, it’s necessary to be able to give good customer service. This means:

  • A quality product
  • The ability to communicate with the customer
  • Being able to guide them appropriately
  • Being flexible
  • Being proactive
  • Being honest in regards to what you tell the customer but also towards your mission
  • Recognise your mistakes.
  • Use the right tools
  • Go a little further than what is expected.

To give good service it is necessary to have a strong and efficient team that:

  • Has a clear common goal
  • Is able to communicate
  • Is able to listen
  • Trusts their employer
  • Feels valued
  • Has the option of evolving within the business
  • Is flexible

To have a team that functions well a business needs a manager who understands what is important in :

  • Having the ability to communicate
  • Being positive and adopting a win-win strategy
  • Being flexible and creative
  • Not losing sight of their mission
  • Being able to inspire
  • Knowing  how to guide
  • Recognising and making use of each team members strong suit.
  • Developing respect and trust.

« L’Essentiel at work » is a bespoke service that is adapted to your business depending on its size, how the team behaves, your strong suits and your weaker points to bring a new and positive dynamic within the company and towards the customer by making sure all the points mentioned above are present.

In practice:

A first consult in your business allows me to make a diagnosis, establish a plan of action and a price quote.

The diagnosis includes an in person interview with you, with key members of the team, a written report, an action plan and the quote.

The investment in a diagnosis is priced at 150€/h + VAT

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