When we pick someone to help us it’s important that this person is a good match for us.

So who am I?

I am 45. I live in the countryside with my partner and our 3 kids, 10 year old twins and a 12 year old.

I like board games, my garden, flying kites, watching the birds from my veranda, cats (I save the birds from them, don’t worry), that my house is pretty and tidy because that brings me comfort. I like doing creative things and favour wet plate collodion (a photographic process from 1851). I am a warrior, a little rebellious, with a deep need for justice.

My life hasn’t been easy. I was bullied in school by several people. At the time nobody noticed, we didn’t talk about that then like we do now.   

I crossed paths with an impressive number of manipulative people and people with narcissistic personality disorder, people who could be physically and psychologically violent. Some were close family which is something that had a huge impact on my behaviour and self-esteem. I eventually chose to walk away from them to save and rebuild myself. When you lose your bearings, whether by choice or by accident, you may well need to learn who you are all over again.

Professionally, I spent a decade in a job I really loved. I’d have stayed there until retirement but life took me elsewhere. I burnt out shortly after having my twins and never managed to go back.

I decided to start my own business. I dealt with another toxic person and was manipulated into signing a contract by a large company that turned my work life into a nightmare. This led me to a second burnout that cost me my business. I really needed to learn to change my behaviours to stop attracting those kinds of people.

In the midst of all this I got help for an eating disorder. This is when I discovered Intuitive Eating. I applied the principles, made peace with food and my body; I no longer have a disorder but I have stayed horrified by diet culture as I see it from my current point of view.

A burnout is an opportunity. It’s a chance to re-evaluate what is important to us, what to change and get rid of. An opportunity to recognise our needs and learn to answer them, to bring real change.

The tools I bring to the table today are the ones I learned to lift myself up once and for all. I chose to give people the help I needed myself and couldn’t find. I know the tools work because I used them all on myself to manage my home, learn what I need and how to react to that, to learn to protect myself…. I share so that all those hard times in my life mean something worthwhile, to motivate me to continue my journey of personal development, to share, listen, support and stay away from judgement. 

Isabel Leeson (She/her)
January 2022
Positive change leader
Professional coach in Humanist NLP

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