My values include the idea that money should not be a barrier to getting help whether it is for mental or physical health care of any kind.
If your situation makes this more complicated you can talk to me about it, without fearing judgment, and we can discuss a solution that suits us both.

Responding to this value is the main reason I added a “Pay it forward” system to this site. The resources I have to offer are, unfortunately, not infinite. If you’d like to help out a little too you could offer small slices of coaching to someone who needs it.

Hourly base rate: 65 €/h
In case of travel:
Expenses within a 15 km radius are included. Outside of this radius a supplement will be charged.

Various services are available through the more economical packages listed below.

Coaching packages

Includes NLP coaching & Intuitive Eating
Online or in person

Intuitive Eating groups are, currently, not available in English. If you have a group of minimum 4 people interested in an English version we can we can certainly discuss it.

Non violent communication

Available online & in person

Home organising