Mess Anonymous

350,00 TVAC

Mess Anonymous is a series of group workshops.
They provide support, solutions and motivation for de-cluttering, tidying up and organising your home and the way you live in it, all in a spirit of goodwill.

They can be online, face-to-face at Hoves, or on a rotating basis at each participant’s home.

A session consists of:

  • 5 x 3 hours in groups of 4 to 6 people, 2 weeks apart, for a total of 20 to 25 hours of coaching from me.
    This is by far the cheapest way to get help for your whole house. It’s even cheaper if you want a “Friends” edition (you and your friends form a complete group).
  • Content and themes:
      • Living room workshop: entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen.
      • Intimate rooms workshop: bedrooms, bathroom,
      • Storage areas workshop: laundry rooms, garages, cellars, attics,
      • Fabrics: clothes, linen cycle, curtains, carpets, hats, scarves….
      • Paper workshop: invoices, archives, post office, etc.
      • Whatsapp or Messenger group for collaboration and sharing between sessions.
      • Minutes of each session
      • Snacks and drinks if the session is face-to-face.

The fee is for one registration.
The workshop will be validated once 4 people have registered.


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