One day, one room – 6h

295,00 TVAC

  • One to one
  • 4 hands Home organising
  • Firm offer


  • Duration: 1 day of 6h00.
    3h in the morning, +- 30 min lunch break, 3h in the afternoon
  • In your home
  • We declutter and organise a room of your choice in your home. If we finish quicker than planned, we can use the remaining time to start another room or to solve various small tidying or organisational problems of your choice.
  • You’ll learn how to organise things efficiently and sustainably, and so, how to solve any future problems.
  • The owners of the objects must be present. It is not possible to declutter and organise someone’s belongings without their active participation.
  • Transport costs within a 20 km radius of 7830 Hoves. Beyond that a supplement may be charged.


  • Possibility to request that I bring the trailer so that we can make a round trip to your nearest container park, donation centre or depot/sale to get rid of what you are not going to keep for an extra 45€.
    The time required is not counted in the 6 hours indicated above and will not be charged if it does not exceed 1 hour.

Not included:

  • Storage accessories, these can be selected to suit your requirements and supplied. Cost depends no the items selected.
  • Cleaning of furniture or room.


  • Firm offer
  • Payments can be spread out at no extra cost: by appointment, by month, in one go.


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