Pay it forward

1,00 TVAC

Offer help to someone who can’t afford it

Pay It Forward is offering a service for the next person who crosses my path and who is in financial difficulty but needs help to get better, to regain courage and self-confidence, to accept the loss of a job, to close a business, to mourn, to manage the contents of a house, to get out of burnout….

Our economic model, our healthcare system, means that the people who need help the most can’t afford it and stay in their difficulties. These people should have as much right as everyone else to put in place what they need to get better.

I strive to make the world a little better by whatever means I can, to live by my values, to try to ensure that my children live somewhere where there is solidarity, listening, non-judgement, support and generosity.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to what I can do for others for free on my own.

How does it work?

You offer whatever amount you wish.
You can choose to remain anonymous or share your identity with the recipient. You will not know their identity unless they choose to share it with you.


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