Simply 1h

65,00 TVAC

  • One to one
  • Online
  • In Hoves
  • Firm offer


One hour appointment.

If it is our first meeting this appointment can last between 1h and 1h30.
Subsequent appointments last 1 hour.

Most of the time, one or 2 meetings don’t add up to much. I offer end to end consulting because I want your investment in a more peaceful future to really pay off. It’s also more validating for me to see that what I bring you really does make a difference.

This offer is designed to:

  • Solve simple problems such as clearly defining a goal, solving a small problem such as managing a fear, getting some time management tools (your diary)…
  • You feel the need to test this out before going all in
  • Requesting an additional follow-up appointment
  • Allow you to add an hour or two to a package.
  • Inform you of the basic hourly rate.