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The mental load special – mixed

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  • One to one
  • In Hoves
  • Firm offer

This option provides a year’s worth of one to one support, with appointments every 2 weeks.
We’ll work on simplifying your daily life and to-do lists, balance your mental load, avoid burnout or heal from one, simplify parenthood and communication within the couple, repair your relationship with your body… in short, you’ll be able to live according to your needs, respecting yourself and those around you.

Step 1: Home organising:

This is the 1st stage because it allows you to make big changes to your daily life, freeing up time and energy for the following steps. It provides positive émotions and change almost immediately.

It gives you +- 3 months of home organising in the form of 5 workshops.

A workshop session consists of

  • 5 x 1h30 one-to-one and online
  • The workshops are spaced 2 weeks apart (in the event of burn-out, they can be extended to 3 weeks), depending on your availability.
  • These workshops will enable you to declutter and organise your entire home independently and sustainably.
  • Content and themes:
    • Living room workshop: entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen
    • Intimate rooms workshop: bedrooms, bathroom,
    • Storage areas workshop: laundry room, garages, cellars, attics,
    • Fabrics: clothes, laundry cycle, curtains, carpets, hats, scarves….
    • Papers: bills, archives, post office, etc.
  • Theory :
    • Decluttering rationales for the areas covered by the day’s theme.
    • Organisational reasoning in the areas covered by the day’s theme.
  • Practical exercises:
    • Study of photos of the areas provided at least 24 hours in advance by the customer. The photos must be clear and must not exceed 15 photos per workshop.
    • Action plan for the areas discussed during each workshop.
    • Troubleshooting between workshops
  • You will also receive:
    • Copy of PowerPoint presentations
    • Written report after each workshop containing :
    • Specific solutions for the areas discussed
    • Action plan in bullet point form
    • Notes, advice, reminders, points of attention.
    • Non-exhaustive list of commercial resources.
    • Availability to answer any questions submitted in writing (email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram)

Stage 1 is the “My whole house in 3 months”

Stage 2: Burn-out, parenthood and the mental burden:

Home organising is a personal development process that takes place through our objects and our daily lives.
Now that we’ve freed up some time, and you’ve perhaps regained some energy and serenity in your day-to-day life, we can move on to the 2nd stage: you.

In home organising we will already have touched on many different themes. Coaching over a period of 6 months or more in the burn-out stage will address or explore themes such as:

  • Your self-esteem
  • Your fears
  • Your role as a parent
  • Your role as a couple
  • communication
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Finding resources to restore balance for you
  • The mental load and how to balance it in your relationship
  • Learning to recognise your needs and giving yourself the right to meet them.
  • Putting yourself first, without it being egotism, but rather like filling up your car: being able to continue to function as well as possible.

Stage 3: Intuitive eating:

The last trimester will allow you to develop more subtleties in your reconnection to yourself and to:

  • Recognise your body’s physical needs,
  • Make peace with it,
  • Respect your body,
  • Show kindness towards it.
  • Break down the rules that are worth following and those that are harmful.
  • Get away from the diet culture
  • Respond to your emotions in ways other than eating
  • Break the vicious circle of weight loss and weight regain (yo-yo effect)
  • Find pleasure in everything you eat
  • Get away from excess and frustration…
  • Improve your mental health

Intuitive Eating is 10 principles that can be applied to yourself and your children.


  • The yellow binder and the worksheets in physical or pdf format, depending on your preference.
  • All the worksheets for each step
  • My availability between RDVs to answer your questions, encourage you, do troubleshooting, …


This is a firm offer
Payments can be spread out at no extra cost: per appointment, per month, in one go.