Terms & conditions
1. Introduction
  1.  In these terms and condition, each time the terms « in writing » is use, it means that a document that has been signed by both parties, a fax, an email, a registered mail letter, or any other means of communication agreed upon.
  2. The stipulations of these terms and conditions form part of the offers or contracts concluded. The customer is deemed to have read and accepted all the clauses, unless expressly stated otherwise in writing.
  3. By placing an order, the customer confirms their full and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, without being able to rely on their own conditions of purchase or payment, even if they appear in his order confirmation or any other document.
  4. Drafted offers can be subject to omission or calculation errors; they remain valid for 30 calendar days, after which they automatically become null and void. Offers remain confidential as long as they have not been accepted within the indicated time-frame by the customer.
  5. Any order placed will come into effect and bind L’Essentiel after written acceptance by the latter.
  6. Coaching is a bespoke support framework aimed at bringing people towards autonomy and dynamic changes. It is a construction process based on information, conversation and exercises. This process is based on a collaborative partnership, it is guided by goals that are defined from the start. It allows the “Coachee” to develop their full potential, know-how and interpersonal skills to better adapt to his professional environment
  7. Role of the coach : the Coach suggests points that will help the “Coachee” to position themself. The Coach accompanies down a path that leads the person to taking the necessary steps to make these changes happen. Unlike an advisor, the Coach refrains from spelling out solutions and accompanies the “Coachee” into  developing their own responses. Abstaining from giving advice and solutions doesn’t apply in the case of Home Organising, Positive Parenting, non-violent communication, time management since these are based on learning tools rather than in the sense of NLP coaching.
2. Work Ethics of the Coach
  1. Respect and confidentiality in coaching sessions: Sessions remain confidential. Notes are kept under lock and key during 3 years after the last appointment unless the client specifically requests in writing that notes be destroyed.
  2. An agreement to share professional secrecy may be considered. The client may authorise L’Essentiel to communicate with the client’s care team if necessary. This care team may include a general practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist, dietician or nutritionist. This confidentiality will only be shared if both parties agree in writing.
  3. The coach regulates her own practice and seek supervision when appropriate and necessary. The coach will continue learning and developing her skills.
  4. Respect of the client, of their person, choices, goal of the coaching: developing autonomy of the client so they can assume full responsibility of their choices.
  5. Influencing the coachee is banned
3. Common commitments 
  1. Implication : The person being coach will fully implicate themselves in the process and have time to prepare sessions and apply themselves to acting on decisions made.
  2. Dialogue : a coaching session is a moment that allows for trust, transparency, authenticity, constructive feedback and other values that allow a deeper connection to oneself. For this reason a session for an  underage person will face the coach alone to allow them to be open. The content of these appointments will remain confidential between the teenager and the coach as it would be for adults unless the teenager gives specific authorisation to communicate content to their parent.
  3. Punctuality : the Coach ensures that dates and appointment times are respected. In the event that this isn’t possible the client will warn the coach as soon as possible. Tardiness by the client will be deducted from the appointment time however the session will be invoiced at the full rate
  4. Attendance: In the event that a client cannot attend an appointment they must warn the Coach 24h ahead of the planned appointment to cancel or reschedule. In the event that several service dates have been agreed, they are considered firm by the parties. The customer remains free to continue or not the contract, but any cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before the date of appointment. Any appointment cancelled by the client in the 48 hours preceding the day of the mission will be invoiced up to 30% of the amount of the cancelled services.
  5. The Coach has the obligation of providing the means but they are not obligated to provide result. Coaching is a process that takes time during which the Coach will guide the client towards the clients goal.
  6. The “Coachee” is responsible for their work during the sessions and the consequences of this work on themselves and their environment. Coaching is a personal and/or professional development process, the client is responsible for the decision they chose to make. The Coach can, in no way, be held responsible for any decisions acted upon during of following the coaching period.  
4. Paiement
  1.  Invoices are sent to the customer within 10 days of the service at the latest. Invoices are sent to the customer in .pdf format by email.
  2. All sessions are payable in advance, by bank transfer to the CBC BE33 7320 5497 9146 BIC / SWIFT CREGBEBB account in the name of Isabel Leeson, Rue du Cocher 8 at 7830 Hoves or, by Bancontact / Payconiq apps or QR code at the time of the agreed coaching session or, at the latest, within 10 calendar days from receiving the invoice.
  3. The beneficiary may request payment facilities. Any such request and its conclusion must be agreed to before the start of the coaching.
    In the case of coaching that takes place in several disctinct steps, invoices will be issued for each stage unless prior notice to the contrary is given, and the balance will be due before moving on to the next stage.
  4. All invoices are considered accepted as long as the appointment set is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Sending the invoice constitutes formal notice. In the event of non-payment by the due date, the outstanding balance as well as an interest of 10% per annum will automatically be immediately payable in full, without prior notice. In the event that invoices are not paid within 30 days of their due date, L’Essentiel will be entitled to claim, in addition to late interest, an additional sum equal to 10% of the outstanding balance as a lump sum indemnity. , expressly agreed between the parties. All payments are made in our offices without discount.
  5. In the event of late payment, L’Essentiel will have the option, after notifying the customer in writing, to suspend the execution of the contract until payment is received.
  6. he consumer as defined by the Code of Economic Law may demand the benefit of the application of the pre-described indemnities and interest to the extent and under the conditions set by these terms and conditions, in the event of non-performance of Isabel Leeson’s obligations, L’Essentiel © Rue du Cocher 8 in 7830 Hoves. VAT: BE0561.980.881 General Conditions of Sale – June 2020
5. services
  1. The customer accepts that exchanges and communication between parties following the first meeting take place mainly by email and that any subsequent written confirmation be made by email
  2. In the event that several service dates have been agreed, they are considered firm by the parties. The customer remains free to continue or not the contract, but any cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before the date of appointment. Any appointment cancelled by the client in the 48 hours preceding the day of the mission will be invoiced up to 30% of the amount of the cancelled services.
  3. L’Essentiel may suspend or cancel any service in the event that continuation of the latter proves impossible owing in particular to a clear incompatibility between the client’s demands and obligations and the values ​​advocated by L’Essentiel. Isabel Leeson, L’Essentiel © rue du Cocher 8, 7830 Hoves, Silly. VAT: BE0561.980.881 Terms and conditions June 2020.
  4. In the event that L’Essentiel refer the client to a contact who has followed the same training in Humanist NLP in order to carry out additional missions and services or instead of those of L’Essentiel, the client is informed that this partner does not act as a subcontractor of L’Essentiel and that the latter can in no way be held responsible in any way for any damage suffered by the customer following the intervention of this partner.
  5. In the context of home organising at the coached person’s home: any danger that is out of the ordinary in a dwelling must be reported in advance (e.g. the presence of weapons, potentially dangerous electrical faults, known structural defects, etc.).
6. Mess Anonymous
  1. Participation is confirmed as soon as payment has been received. A session is composed of 5 workshops unless mentioned otherwise in the description. A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants are required to maintain the value or the session. It is not possible to change groups once the session you booked has started. This is to maintain the integrity of the different groups.
  2. Workshops are either held via Zoom or in person. This information will be announced in the description of each session. Workshops held in person can be held, in turn, in the homes of participants if the group chose to proceed this way.
  3. Cancellations and withdrawals: A participant wanting to cancel their participation can do so. Between 0 and 3 days prior to the session starting: no refund will be given. Between 4 and 8 days prior to the session starting: 50 % refund. From 9 days and more prior to the session starting: full refund. If L’Essentiel cancels the session the participant will receive a full refund.
  4. Dates and times may be changed with the agreement of the participants and according to their availability.
  5. Any disrespectful, judgmental, mocking or other demeaning behaviour by a participant towards another member of the session will have immediate consequences. If the behaviour is the result of clumsiness, lack of knowledge of non-violent communication the participant will be given a single warning. Expulsion from the session will be immediate in the case of several warnings and without any warning in the case of serious behaviour. In these cases no refund will be given for the current unfishined workshop, or for the following ones that will be missed.
7. Intellectual property
  1. The customer may not use the brands, trade name or any other distinctive sign belonging to L’Essentiel without the prior written consent of the latter. The customer agrees not to register or cause to be registered trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs belonging to L’Essentiel or made available by the latter. The content of workshops and coaching (photos, power point presentation etc.) are for the clients individual use and will not, under any circumstance, be shared without written authorisation.
  2. The content of the workshops (photos and Powerpoint) is reserved for the use of the workshops and may under no circumstances be shared without prior written agreement between the two parties.
8. force majeure
  1. Each party will be able to suspend services and obligations under condition that rendering of said services becomes impossible or unreasonably expensive due to the following circumstances: conflict due to work obligations or any other circumstances beyond our control such as war, fire, general strike, insurrection, requisition, embargo, seized goods, energy restrictions, confinement, missing or late delivery by suppliers provoked by such circumstances.
  2. In the event the client asks to postpone an appointment due to a reasonable force majeur (eg: illness, vehicle break-own, etc.) within 24h of the appointment, L’Essentiel may demonstrate flexibility however this options is limited to 2 separate occurrences within a coaching. Further occurrences will follow the usual terms and conditions.
  3. L’Essentiel may suspend or cancel any support in the event that it proves impossible to continue due to a manifest incompatibility between the client’s requests and obligations and the values advocated by L’Essentiel. Isabel Leeson, L’Essentiel © rue du Cocher 8, 7830 Hoves, Silly. VAT: BE0561.980.881 General terms and conditions June 2020.
9. Disputes and applicable law
  1. Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise in writing between the parties, disputes relating to the validity, interpretation or execution of these conditions, relating to an amount greater than € 5,000 and which cannot be resolved amicably, will be settled as follows: The parties will attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation in accordance with bMédiation’s regulations (www.bmediation.eu). Mediation will begin no later than 15 days after the request for mediation notified by one party to the other party and the duration of mediation may not exceed 30 calendar days, unless the parties have expressly agreed.
  2. In the event that mediation fails, or for any dispute with a stake of less than € 5,000, the parties will submit the dispute to the courts of the judicial district of MONS (Belgium).
  3. Any disputes arising from or in connection with the contract will be subject to Belgian law.