I am right for you?

Yes if:

  • If you are a human, parent or not, working or not, single or not.  
  • If you are self-employed or run a very small business.
  • If you are ready to make the necessary effort between our appointments.
  • If you are ready to at least test the solutions just to see what happens even if you don’t see the point.
  • If you’re fed up with your child/partner never putting their shoes/toys/jacket away and you want this to change.
  • If you’re tired of repeating the same things to your kids 36 times and nothing happens.
  • If your home makes you tired and you don’t want that anymore.
  • If you desperately want to spend a day in bed in front of Netflix without feeling guilt.
  • If telework has removed all barriers between your professional and private life and you really want to balance that out.
  • If you can’t say no to all the things people ask you for without feeling bad.
  • If you’re freelance and are working 40h a day and can’t find time to do anything else anymore let alone take a holiday.
  • If you pay extra fees regularly because you don’t have a system for your paperwork, paperwork that stresses you out and that you don’t quite know what to do with.
  • If you want to declutter and organise your home but can’t find the energy for it or don’t know where to start.
  • If you’re always running late and no longer want to be.
  • If a big change is coming and you want to be better prepared.

No if:

  • If you are expecting me to single handedly change your life with magical solutions :
    • I’m not unicorn, it’s not magic, if you don’t do the work nothing will change.  
  • If you think the solutions must be instant :
    • It takes a little time to settle into new ways, but it’ll still be faster and more efficient than not doing anything.
  • If you want me to just declutter and clean your house :
    • If I come to your house we will work together.
  • If you want a 100% guarantee of result :
    • I can’t guarantee that, I guarantee that I will help you to the best of my ability but it’s teamwork, if you don’t do anything then nothing will change.
  • If you aren’t prepared to accept that my map of the world is different from yours, that it’s ok to be different, that this doesn’t mean either one of us is wrong.   
  • If you’re late or don’t show up to an appointment and don’t warn me:
    • My schedule is as important as yours – if, however, you’re seeing me specifically to stop being late and to work on your communication skills, that’s an entirely different issue that we will work around.
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