If you’re reading this page then congratulations, you have either noticed something isn’t right and you’re looking to find a solution before they really go to far. Perhaps you’ve noticed someone close to you who is struggling. Perhaps you’ve gone too far and fallen and need help getting back up

Professional or not, young or not so young, all are susceptible to a burn-out.

The coaching I offer helps avoid burn-out or to heal from it and not risk falling back into it. It is complementary to the work you gp and your psychologist do. It does not replace them. It is important to be followed by a doctor because your body is also affected by burn-out and the work a psychologist does is indispensable.

This coaching brings you to modify behaviours that will support your journey back to health.

Together we can work on various aspects of your day to day life such as:

  • Creating or solidifying boundaries between your personal and professional life (schedule, availability etc) ;
  • Acquiring or improving your ability to say no and feel good about your choice.
  • Improve your parenting skills so that it isn’t such a weight or chore;
  • Learn to manage your time differently so you can respond to your needs, find time to recharge your batteries, give quality time to your kids, plan tasks we all tend to not take into account;
  • Find what will help you recharge your batteries;
  • Letting go;
  • Accepting and recognising your limits;
  • Working on fears that push us to behave in ways that drain us;
  • Knowing your needs and how to fulfil them;
  • Organising your environment in such a way that the load it represents is reduced to its absolute minimum.

Are you at risk of a burn-out?

Here’s a long article on parental burnout

You can also watch this video:

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