Coaching Essentials:

Avoiding or healing from a burnout:

Professional or not, young or older, all are susceptible to suffering from a burnout.

Recognising, Avoiding or healing from a burnout

My coaching helps avoid burn-out or to heal from it and not risk falling back into it. It is complementary to the work you gp and your psychologist do. It does not replace them. It is important to be followed by a doctor because your body is also affected by burn-out.
First, you’ll need time off to rest, to have your hormonal and nervous systems checked for any dysfunction. I would also recommend checking for nutritional deficiencies and maybe getting a sleep lab.
Next, the work a psychologist is indispensable.
Coaching will then bring you to modify behaviours that will support your journey back to health.

Together we can work on various aspects of your day to day life such as:

Creating or solidifying boundaries between your personal and professional life (schedule, availability etc) ;

  • Acquiring or improving your ability to say no and feel good about your choice.
  • Improve your parenting skills so that it isn’t such a weight or chore;
  • Learn to manage your time differently so you can respond to your needs, find time to recharge your batteries, give quality time to your kids, plan tasks we all tend to not take into account;
  • Find what will help you recharge your batteries;
  • Letting go;
  • Accepting and recognising your limits;
  • Working on fears that push us to behave in ways that drain us;
  • Knowing your needs and how to fulfil them;
  • Organising your environment in such a way that the load it represents is reduced to its absolute minimum.
My approach

My approach to burnout is multifactorial. Not all the steps are compulsory, the different tools are selected according to your specific needs.
Together, we will work on self-esteem, understanding the importance and putting in place the fact that taking care of yourself is a priority while accepting that it is not selfishness, it is a necessity. This is what allows you to have the energy to take care of others and your work, to recognise your limits and to respect them, in part through non-violent communication (NVC).
NVC allows you to learn to say no without feeling guilty, to avoid conflicts, to gain freedom, to respect yourself while respecting others.
Saying no while feeling good goes hand in hand with understanding these limits and having good time management. I will share tools to establish your real priorities and what is ultimately less important than you thought.
We will work on how to plan your time in the most efficient way. You will learn how to avoid the small mistakes that lead to overwork because we tend to insert certain activities again and again into our already overloaded schedule without taking into account what they really involve…. All this will naturally lead us to home organising and learning what makes our living or working space as easy and pleasant as possible.
Our objects reflect our experiences, our future, our desires. Many of them are attached to positive but also negative emotions. I will guide you in a method of sorting and organising, a personal development, allowing you to let go of everything that is less positive in our lives, to focus on what is really important to us, our children and the person who shares our daily life while unloading all the negativity and effort attached to our objects.
If you run a self-employed business, you will be working on both fronts, the private and the professional.
Further down the line we will even be able to talk about eating behaviours as I am training in “Intuitive Eating”. This allows us to regain self-confidence, to make peace with our body and to abandon this notion of fighting against it, to get out of this guilt and the pressure exerted by the diet mentality.
If you are far away or prefer not to travel, I also work online. All my services are available individually or combined to best suit your needs.

Professional burnout

It’s important to understand that it isn’t your fault. It’s not a character flaw or lack of strength. It is caused by a severe dysfunction in the environement your work in and you have fallen victim to it.

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Parental burnout

Here’s a long article on parental burnout

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Depression and burnout have common symptoms but they are not treated in the same way.
Here’s a test to help you see more clearly, but, regardless of the result of this test, if you think you’re suffering from depression, it’s absolutely necessary to get medical attention. A coach is not the right person to help you at this stage.