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My name is Isabel Leeson
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    Do we have chemistry? Do you need to know that I might be able to understand you?
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    When you let someone into your personal life, your mental health, your behaviours, it’s important to trust that your coach is trained properly to be able to help you.
  • My approach
    The combination of services I offer is not the most common, I’d even go so far as to say it’s unique in Belgium.
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    Can what I offer help you?
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When we pick someone to help us it’s important that this person is a good match for us.

So who am I?
I am 46. I live in the countryside with my partner and our 3 kids, 10 year old twins and a 13 year old.
I like board games, my garden, flying kites, watching the birds from my veranda, cats (I save the birds from them, don’t worry), that my house is pretty and tidy because that brings me comfort. I like doing creative things and favour wet plate collodion (a photographic process from 1851). I am a warrior, a little rebellious, with a deep need for justice.

My life hasn’t been easy. I won’t pull out the violins but between being bullied in school, at work, people with narcissictic personality disorder and other manipulators, physical and psychological violence I’ve seen a lot and this impacted my behaviours, my self-esteem a lot.

Professionally, I spent a decade working “in books” which I really loved. I’d have stayed there until retirement but life took me elsewhere. I burnt out shortly after having my twins and never managed to go back.
I decided to start my own business. My background made me a magnet for toxic people and manipulative companies. My job became a living hell pretty quickly. This is what led to my second burnout and cost me my business.

I really needed to learn to change my behaviours to stop attracting those kinds of people.
In the midst of all this I got help for an eating disorder. This is when I discovered Intuitive Eating. I applied the principles, made peace with food and my body. I have stayed horrified by diet culture as I see it from my current point of view.

A burnout is an opportunity. It’s a chance to re-evaluate what is important to you, what to change and get rid of. An opportunity to recognise our needs and learn to answer them, to bring real change.
The tools I bring to the table today are the ones I learned to lift myself up once and for all. I chose to give people the help I needed myself and couldn’t find. I know the tools work because I used them all on myself to manage my home, learn what I need and how to react to that, to learn to protect myself…. I share so that all those hard times in my life mean something worthwhile, to motivate me to continue my journey of personal development, to share, listen, support and stay away from judgement. 

Isabel Leeson (She/her)
September 2022
Positive change leader
Professional coach in Humanist NLP

My certifications
My training

Humanist NLP Coach
L’institut Horizons347.
+ specialisation modules:
– Identifying, avoiding and healing from burnout,
– Conflict management,
– Re-impression,
The institute has more than 15 years of accreditation from the Ministry of Employment and Training, the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region. 

Parental burnout
Parental burnout Professional Training Courses – Isabelle Roskam & Moïra Mikolajczak

Home Organising:
Elodie Wéry & CO

Intuitive Eating:
Official certification by Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole in partnership with Helm publishing.

<img src="training institude for parental burnout.JPG" alt="Training institute for parental burnout">
"Certified Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator Isabel Leeson"
"Certificate of completion Helm publishing Intuitive Eating 4th Ed.""
"certification coach professionnel Isabel Leeson institut horizons 347""
"attestation institut horizons 347 module burn-out""
"attestation institut horizons 347 module gestion de conflits"
"Attestation Institut Horizons 347 module ré-empreinte"
"certificat de réussite formation au métier de home organiser Isabel Leeson par Elodie Wery & co"
My approach
My services may seem disparate but they are, in fact, perfectly linked.

I offer a unique and innovative approach based on a variety of tools that can be freely combined to provide a tailor-made solution to relieve your daily life and regain serenity.

Life coaching or burnout coaching allows you to change the behaviours that no longer suit you. In the case of a burnout, it also helps to avoid a relapse. The solutions can include learning to say no without feeling guilt, making a difficult decision, letting go of the things that no longer serve you well, working on your self-esteem, having healthy relationships with the people around you, communicating differently…

The newly blurred boundaries between our private and professional lives, fatigue, the heaviness of modern life, this sense of not having enough time to do what we want to do, often have an impact on our diet. Naturally, we look for ease and comfort, with the consequences that this can have.

Intuitive Eating allows us to come back to ourselves, to rediscover subtle sensations, to respond to them, to find emotional and dietary serenity, without frustration, without deprivation but also without excess.

Home organising starts through the analysis of your particular situation in order to provide very concrete solutions aimed at simplifying the management of your living or working environment as much as possible, both in terms of the effort involved and the time you spend on it. Learning the reasoning will enable you to reproduce it independently whenever you need to. Easing the management of your environment allows you to focus on your real priorities.
All my services are directed towards the idea of reconnecting with oneself and one’s needs, respecting oneself mentally and physically, reacting to messages when they are subtle, without waiting for them to become emergencies.