Coaching Essentials

Anti burnout coaching:

Flexible and brief coaching aimed at helping you resolve a variety of things.

Everyone’s born with the same basic neurology. Our ability to do anything in life, whether it’s swimming the length of a pool, cooking a meal, or reading a book depends on how we control our nervous system. So, much of NLP is devoted to learning how to think more effectively and communicate more effectively with yourself and others.

What can be resolved?

  • Avoiding or healing from burnout
  • Procrastination;
  • Improving communication with friends, family or colleagues;
  • Learning to say no and feelin good about it;
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Being late too often;
  • The feeling you’re always overloaded with things to do;
  • Modifying a behaviour that no longer suits you;
  • You’d like to be prepared for a big change in your life or deal better with a big change that already happened;
  • Reducing and managing fears
  • Solving conflict (appointments alone or with the other person involved)
  • Letting go
  • Needing to get away from the need to be perfect
  • And so many more…


With Positive Parenting tools you can reach better harmony within your family relationships by allowing your children to have what they need for their personal development without neglecting your own needs.

With Home Organising tools you will learn how to optimize you living or working space, your budget, to make it all as efficient as it can be and so reducing the effort and repetition to it’s bare minimum.


NLP is a short term coaching. The number of appointments varies depending on the complexity or number of changes you’re looking for.
Whatever the duration you’ll always leave with something concrete and precise to do to make your life better.