Essentials of organising

Transform your home into a cocoon of well-being through home organising:

What is home organising?

Home organising is and anti-burnout life coaching the starting point of which is the object. Your home should be a cocoon of well-being that allows you to recharge your batteries. It should no longer be a never-ending heavy chore.
Through objects and with the help of NLP, we work on:

  • Your beliefs,
  • Your self-esteem,
  • Your fears,
  • The distribution of household tasks,
  • Communication within the family,
  • Stressors such as dealing with paperwork.
  • Elements of your past,
  • Your plans for the future.

All this will have a positive impact on family relations for a more harmonious cohabitation, your financial management, your consumer behaviour, letting go, to name but a few.

Your clutter is not your fault, it is the result of our current lifestyle.
Tidying/sorting/de-cluttering is not something that most people are born with. It has to be learned, like everything else.

Why should I hire a home organiser?

Because if we had all the answers ourselves we wouldn’t have any issues anymore.

You’d like to do this but you’re too embarrassed or even ashamed to show me your home? Please understand that I do not judge you for it. We all have a history with all it’s complications. Organisation is something we learn, it’s not innate.

De-cluttering and sorting through your home improves well-being and allows for:

  • Understanding your real needs better;
  • Keeping only what you love and use. This increases well-being.
  • Increase your cashflow.
  • Helping people in need,
  • Saving space : this also saves money as to store lots of objects you need furniture, and you need m² to store the furniture. Both of those are expensive for stuff you don’t need.
  • Never having to open a cupboard that is full and badly organised so stuff falls out onto you.
  • Never losing an item of clothing in the back of your wardrobe. That ensures the clothes that are in that wardrobe are those you feel best in.
  • Limiting visual noise that stimulates your brain too much leading to fatigue.

After sorting comes tidying:

  • So that your day- to- day life is easier, following a logic that is more good sense than rules. 
  • So that the other people you live with can also keep it up.
  • So you save time
  • So you need to make less effort.
  • So you no longer lose things
  • So you’re less irritated by recurring mess.
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The 7 hidden costs of clutter
What happens during a coaching session?

We’ll start off by establishing your precise goal.

Then there are several options:

• 4 hands Home Organising:
We set an appointment in your home so that I can diagnose the issues and we can discuss your specific goal. After that we’ll set a date for me to come to your home where we will de-clutter, sort and organise together.
Rates are either fixed package deals or based on a quote following the diagnosis appointement.

• 2 hands Home Organising:
We set an appointment in your home so that I can diagnose the issues and we can discuss your specific goal. I prepare an online workshop that meets your needs. You declutter, sort and tidy up alone.
Rates are either fixed package deals or based on a quote following the diagnosis appointement.

• Mess Anonymous:
This is a set of 5 group workshops. They can be online or in person. During them we will “do the whole house”. We share as a group then each take care of our own de-cluttering and organising between the workshops.

Home Organising

Home organising is a service that aims to de-clutter, sort and tidy your home or part of your home.
I offer a tailor-made service, on an hourly basis or on a fixed price basis, to best suit your specific needs and to fit in with your lifestyle.

Home Management

This topic is dedicated to time management, travel, the distribution of chores among the inhabitants of the house and solutions for implementing changes, and the mental load on the whole.

H.M. almost systematically includes the laundry cycle.
The laundry cycle is the time and effort required between the time a garment is taken out of is storage space to be worn and the time it is returned to the wardrobe, clean and ready to be worn again.

Office Organising

Office Organising is aimed at individuals, the self-employed and very small businesses.

For the individual:
It covers your office if you work from home, time management, communication in the group/family, managing one of the big stressors that are papers.

For businesses
It covers the management of your team’s time, communication, management of stocks, equipment, papers

Les Bordéliques Anonymes

Mess Anonymous is a conversation table aimed at talking about… well, mess. It provides solutions and motivation for de-cluttering, tidying and organising your home and the way you live in it.
We all have mess and it doesn’t need to stay that way!

A session is composed of :

5 themed workshops of 3h each in the form of a conversation table in groups of 4 to 6 people
The sessions are 2 weeks apart = a total of 10 weeks of support and help for a total of +-25h of my services. It’s, by far, the cheapest way to benefit of my services to do the whole house, it’s also a lot of fun.

The 5 themes are:

  • Living spaces workshop : entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen.
  • Intimate spaces workshop : bedrooms, bathrooms, hallway
  • Storage zones workshop : pantry, laundry room, garage, cellar, attic
  • Cloth workshop : clothes, the laundry cycle, curtains, hats, scarves, shoes, linen
  • Paper workshop : bills, archives, mail, etc.
  • A Messenger or WhatsApp group to continue to share and support each other between workshops and after
  • A written sumary of each workshop
  • Snacks and drinks if the workshops are held in person.

The point is for you to learn the methods one area at a time starting with the easiest spaces. I will explains various methods and reasoning, then, on the basis of photograph that you supply, we will, as a group, listen to what bothers you in that part of your home and, with kindness and without judgement, we will find solutions for each member of the group as a team.

The dates will be confirmed together when a minimum of 4 people have confirmed their attendance.
Your spot is confirmed once payment has been received and in accordance to the terms and conditions. No refund will be possible should you bow out along the way.
It will not be possible to change groups so as to preserve the dynamic and trust within the different groups.

Interview de participantes aux bordéliques anonymes