Concerning appointments:

How do I request an appointment?

Is online coaching possible?

What app or software is needed for online coaching?

How often do we have a session?

Coaching or therapy?

What does the ADHD friendly sign mean?

All about payments:

The cost of coaching – it seems expensive, could you justify your rate please?

How do I pay for my appointments?

Is it possible to pay in increments?

How are travel expenses invoiced?

I have ADHD, I do my best but sometimes I forget to pay invoices.

Questions related to home organising:

I saw that a trailer is available. How does that work?

Why do you refuse to declutter things belonging to someone else without them being present?

What is the difference between 2 hands home organising and 4 hands home organising?

Concerning coaching:

How do coaching sessions work? What happens?

What is NLP ?

I want to lose weight, will Intuitive Eating help me do that?

What is the science behind Intuitive Eating?