Coaching Essentials

Positive Parenting to help your kids grow:

A toolbox of simple but effective approaches to allow you to modify the situation and bring serenity back to your family.

About Positive Parenting?

We are all trying to be the best parent possible and sometimes we feel we’re failing at it.
Maybe it’s due to lack of time, energy, because of pressure at work, our socio-economic situations, a burn-out, everyday stress.
We find ourselves yelling, threatening, punishing, we lose patience so we stop them from learning how to help because it’s just simpler and faster to do it ourselves, etc.
We exhaust ourselves, we resent them sometimes even though we love them more than anything… so we feel a lot of guilt.
We read “how to” articles and books everywhere, there are “you musts” in all those places, every day we receive advice from people around us. We need to pick and choose what information and sometimes this information is contradictory.

Positive Parenting is removing yourself from this model.
Is this a free-for-all parenting? No, not at all, it is setting a clear framework, without conflict, that will be stuck to withing the boundaries of respect for all members of the family.

What happens during coaching?

I do not offer a positive parenting coaching as such because it is most often included in life coaching, in NVC or in organisation.
Subjects covered can be:

• No more yelling;
• Giving the children a clear and structured framework;
• Reducing bad behaviour;
• Reducing those endless repetitions;
• Responding to their need for power over their lives and their sense of belonging;
• Communicating with them in a construction way that builds their self-esteem et removes dependence on others;
• Allowing them independence and relieving you of duties they are able to do themselves.