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A complete approach: 3 axis

The Mental load is identified by the weight of various cognitive constraints, which weigh on the individual in their private life, their job and their identity.
It particularly affects women, who experience feelings of unwanted obligations. These obligations include being held in the role of manager: they have to think about everything, all the time, for everyone, and organise the logistics related to making it all happen.
But that’s not enough: they have to do it perfectly as well.
Coaching will help move away from this, to lighten the load in a practical day to day sense, but also to remove the things that weigh us down or don’t work well for us anymore. 

The 3 axis s have distinct but closely related functions designed to lighten the load one step at a time. They work together or separately, depending on your needs.


Home & office organising

The home needs to be a place where you can recharge your batteries.
The office needs to be efficient and pleasant.

This is a real method of personal development.
Centred around our objects, it saves time and energy by simplifying everyday life.
Understanding the principles helps to reduce domestic conflicts and encourages the active participation of every member of the family, in a way that lasts.


Life coaching through NLP

Now that you have more time and energy, let’s move on to the 2nd axis.

Coaching helps us change the behaviours that no longer suit us, such as those that push us towards burn-out. It allows us to approach life differently, to recognise our needs and give ourselves the right to really respect them.
These changes work because, together, we make sure they fit into your life. It’s not about “following more rules”, quite the opposite, it’s about finding a new freedom.


Intuitive Eating

The 3rd axis goes a little further into the subtleties of the messages our body sends us.

Intuitive Eating focuses on eating behaviours in a way that we can nourish our body according to its actual needs rather than according to generic rules. It enables a deeper connection
to ourselves, respecting and caring for our bodies and emotions to find a healthy, serene relationship with it, both physically and mentally.